September 17, 2015

Customer Journey Mapping

Role: User Research | User Testing | Customer Journey Mapping


The staff of a small church was concerned about decreased attendance at their 11 am church service wanted to know if there were any problems with the service or experience.


  • Reviewed existing data on visitors in the last two years
  • Conducted telephone interviews with recent 11 am visitors
  • Led a customer journey mapping session with church staff
  • Conducted user testing on website

1st Time Vistor-Small Church (Customer Journey Map)-page-001 (1)


Interviews with recent visitors to the 11 am service showed revealed the need to pivot and focus on the church’s website instead of the in person experience.

Interviewees were exceptionally pleased with their experience attending the 11 am service and the follow up contact they received, but wanted the website to provide better information before and after their visit.

Since there wasn’t a budget for user testing or website developer to make significant structural changes, I used Peek, the free remote user testing product from, to get impressions of first time visitors to the website.

User Testing Findings:

Testers found the website visually appealing and the pictures of people welcoming.

Testers wanted more detailed description of the different type of church services. Ex. Testers clicked on a particular event on the Calendar looking for more information on the event.


I recommended the following content changes for church staff to implement based on interviews and user testing.


  • For each type of worship services provide a description on the Calendar section or a link with a description.
  • Clarify Calendar and Coming Events – Testers were looking for more information on particular events when they clicked on particular services on the Calendar.
  • Enlarge location map

New Content Pages

  • Add website content for specific types of visitors:
    1. New Visitors – information on what to expect
    2. Parents – information about children’s program.