September 19, 2015

Doctor’s Orders Mobile App

Role: User Research | Business Model Planning | Wireframes

I participated as one of the designer in a team of five for RVA Startup Weekend. We researched and developed Doctor’s Orders, a mobile app to assist patients with following their doctor’s instructions between visits.

Concept Development:

I joined the team of Shahrzad Grami, who pitched the idea of an app which reminded patients to follow up on instructions from their doctor, at RVA Startup Weekend. As one the designers on the team, we went through a series of concept validation and business model planning thorughout the weekend before presenting our prototype to judges on Sunday night.

Our Team went through a series of idea validation and business planning exercises.

Our Team went through a series of idea validation and business planning exercises.

Mockups for Doctor's Orders

Mockups for Doctor’s Orders


  • We interviewed a physician to understand how they give instructions to patients
  • Surveyed patients on what methods they used to remember doctor’s instructions
  • Reviewed NIH reports on patient compliance


I contributed to paper prototypes to flesh out features and functionality for Doctor’s Orders app.

Final Presentation:

I contributed research and editing for the final presentation for judges. The app would initially be offered to concierge doctors as a testing environment as they could more easily absorb the the additional costs of the app. Also, they could marketing the app to their patients as another high touch benefit to being a conceirge patient. During the final presentation, judges saw the visual design and prototype designed by Tony Scida.


Doctor’s Orders won two prizes: Best in Show (Best Design ) and Best MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Doctor's Orders Team Members

Doctor’s Orders Team Members