September 19, 2015

Recruitment – User Experience

Role: User Research | Remote User Testing


Even as the economy recovers, employers are experiencing recruitment issues in key positions. Becoming an “employer of choice” is important as highly skilled candidates are in high demand. The cost of extended recruitment and attracting the right candidates are a challenge.

I think the job descriptions really set the tone for an interview, hire, and onboard process. This one seems like it could be belong to any company. It literally has no reference to the company that’s a weird red flag to me.” – Job Candidate

User Research:

Used user testing gain insights on how potential job candidates view job postings, company brands as well as what details matter and what are red flags.

Video Highlights of Job Candidate Reviewing Two Job PostingsKey Insights:

  • The company’s brand/reputation is important to job candidates. Ex. The job candidate choose job postings for two companies that she admired.
  • Well written job descriptions reflected positively on the company. Descriptions that weren’t well thought out reflected poorly on the company.
  • Small details showed how much thought and care the company put into hiring, onboarding. etc. Ex. Custom Typography and Custom Landing page
  • Job Candidate wanted an application process that wasn’t onerous.

This description doesn’t mention who the company is. Some of this stuff is/doesn’t seem like it’s really relevant to the applicant. A Job ID code, # of Positions seems more of information for the job poster than the applicant.”- Job Candidate


  • As part of a larger review of recruitment and onboarding practices, Room & Board should redevelop job descriptions to include company branding, information on company culture and details what the job actually is and how it fits within the company.
  • Develop custom landing page that links from online job boards to ensure potential job candidates have a positive brand experience.
  • Test new job listings with potential job candidates to refine wording and value proposition.